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Cardiac electrophysiology is dynamically evolving and there are many unmet needs just around the corner. CorSystem was created to overcome the limits of current technologies by implementation of novel ideas. From a basic concept into daily practice.

Bipolar Ablation Adapter

Bipolar ablation can overcome issues related with unfavourable location of deep arrhythmic substrates. Dedicated and easy to use tools for bipolar ablation are lacking. Bipolar Ablation Adapter allows to connect most popular ablation catheters into position of a return electrode, closing the radiofrequency circuit in close proximity of targeted tissue. Unique features include cooperation with most of radiofrequency generators (SmartAblate®, Ampere®, EP Shuttle®, Maestro and many more). To date over 40 patients across Europe were treated using Bipolar Ablation Adapter.
We are happy to announce that the Adapter received a CE mark in June 2020. Patent pending.

Highlighted Publications

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